How a Wood Truss is Made(10 Steps)

How is a truss made?

1) Generate an engineered design that meets all of the customer’s needs and requirements including but not limited to load, spacing, span, and any additional specifications such as an attic area.

2) The engineered drawing is then sent to the saw via computer program.

3) The required materials are pulled and arranged for cutting through the saw.

4) The materials are cut using a five blade saw.

  • Fun fact: The maximum rate is 72 cuts per minute and the average falls between 50-60 cuts per minute.

5) Materials are staged in front of the table and prepared for set up.

6) Boards are arranged and then pre-plated on the table.

7) Boards are then pressed with primary gantry.

8) The truss is then ejected to the finishing rollers where it is pressed with the final press and then stacked, banded, and staged for loading.

9) Trusses are then loaded onto the delivery vehicle via forklift.

  1. Upon delivery the driver will drop off a packet that includes a truss layout, engineered drawings, and a BCSI(Building Component Safety Information) bracing and handling recommendation packet.