Residential Metal Roofing(8 Common Questions)

What are some of the most common questions about residential metal roofing? Here are 8 of the most popular questions about metal roofing in the residential sector:

1)What types are often seen on residential metal roofing? Standing seam which is a concealed

fastener system or an exposed fastener system such as an R-Panel.

2)Over the years metal roofing was typically thought of for industrial applications. However, over the past few years it has become more and more popular in terms of use for residential applications.

3)What metal roofing profiles are often used in a residential application? Typically for a residential application a snap-lock concealed fastener system is utilized. This is due to the ease of installation and the fact that it does not have to be mechanically seamed.

4)Why would you want to use panel with striations? Striations are indentations in the flat part of the panel, this helps eliminated the appearance of oil canning.

5)What is oil canning? Oil canning is an aesthetic folly that results in a perceived waviness of a metal panel.

6)What are some things to keep in mind as far as roof decking is concerned? Flat is the way to go, less oil canning, less cosmetic issues, and easier maintenance make this the preferred method of choice.

7)Can you have a metal roof in an HOA controlled area? Check with your homeowner’s association. There are still some HOA’s that are resistant to metal roofing or limits the types that can be used. However, something attractive for the HOA is an aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient product that can reduce the heat stamp of the entire community as well as lower the individual homeowner’s utility bill.

8)What maintenance do you have to perform on a residential metal roof? Basic maintenance is enough and is easy to conduct. Just using water or a light soap is enough. Never use a pressure washer or any cleaning product that contains solvents as it will wear away at the paint.

At the end of the day if you’re not sure…. Call a professional!