How a Metal Roof is Made(8 Steps)

1)A forklift is used to lift the coils onto the coil cart and then the coil is loaded onto the decoiler.

2)After the coil is loaded a computer is programmed to cut the sheets to the desired length.

3)Sheets are then put through a series of dies to give the metal its shape.

4)Each section bends the metal slightly until it takes its final desired shape.

5)The operator stacks and inspects the completed metal at the end of the roll-former.

6)The metal is wrapped in plastic and a band is placed around it to protect the metal during transportation.

7)The forklift operator puts the bundle on a shelf until the customer is ready to pick up their order or until the bundle is scheduled for delivery.

8)The metal is delivered to the jobsite and is installed on your agricultural, commercial, or residential building!