What is a Barndominium or “Barndo” and why are they so popular today?

                Did you know that many farmers and ranchers started this type of housing by creating a loft area above a working barn so that the animal caretakers could be close to their livestock? Today however things have changed. Barndominiums are synonymous with affordability, flexibility, and practicality, on the flip side of the coin many barndos have evolved into high-end vacation rentals and luxury homes.

                Chances are you’ve seen one on social media if not in real life. Facebook has dozens of groups dedicated to the construction, decoration, and general questions about Barndominiums and Pinterest is flooded with Barndos. Needless to say this trendy country style of home is here to stay. You could say that people are in love with Barndos now but obsessed may be a better word in some circles.

These modern  marvels of engineering are precisely what you would picture. A metal barn that has been converted into residential living space. These homes are unique in a variety of ways all of which are advantageous. It allows you to add a livable area to somewhere unexpected, Barndos are significantly less expensive than compared to traditional home construction($60-$75 per square foot as opposed to $100-$110 per square foot), and are highly customizable.

What was once considered alternative living has now become an extremely popular option because of the aforementioned benefits in the previous paragraph. Barndos have increased in popularity significantly primarily through sharing on social media platforms and so it comes as no surprise that they have risen to prominence in the recent past and continue to grow in popularity today. Initially getting a start as a pragmatic living option part of the reason they have become a favored housing option is due to the high level of customization available.

Because of the versatility of the building components involved and the use of post-frame construction over traditional support walls Barndos offer virtually limitless options when it comes to design. The end result being a completely open floor plan in which the owner/designer is free to do whatever they would like with the space. Additionally a Barndo has a variety of options for exterior finished including: Wood Siding(the traditional exterior finish which can be painted or stained), Aluminum(durable and designed to take the appearance of standard wood siding but without the maintenance involved), Vinyl Siding, Standard Steel Panels or Crinkle Finish, Brick, Stucco, Stone, and Stone Veneer. At the end of the day a Barndo is simply a shell with uncomplicated interior framing. This is what allows the homeowner to make it into whatever they want!

To conclude there are 5 major benefits to owning a Barndo. Versatility: a Barndominium can be utilized as a space to work and or live. Construction-Time: the metal shell can be fabricated and erected quickly in as little as weeks vs months for a traditional home build. Indoor & Outdoor Lifestyle: Rollup doors and large windows are at the heart of a lifestyle that revolves around the outdoors as much as the indoors and encourages embracing the nature around your home. Durability: Barndos are able to withstand the elements and most have a longer lifespan than standard home-building materials. Simplicity: Barndos are no more than a shell with simple interior framing that can be transformed into virtually anything desired by the homeowner.