5 Advantages of a Post Frame Building

  1. Quick Assembly: A pole barn takes significantly less time to construct than alternative building structures. For example a quote on a Pole Barn can take as little as 48 hours, a kit can be created and delivered within 2-3 weeks, and depending on the contractor/time of the year the structure can be standing within a couple weeks to a month depending on if the property is for something like a garage, a barndominium, or a larger commercial space.
  2. Affordability: Because it is constructed more quickly and efficiently than other structures fewer expenses will be incurred in labor and material costs. On average a barndominium costs around $60-$70 per square foot where a traditional house costs anywhere from $100-$110 per square foot. The average square footage of a home in America is 2,687. So if you were to use a post-frame building method at that square footage rather than a traditional home build it would save you $107,480 for perspective.
  3. Flexibility: Post frame buildings allow for a high degree of versatility and customization. You can build a variety of structures including agricultural(equestrian, poultry, cattle, etc), commercial(storage facilities, manufacturing plants, retail, municipal buildings, etc), and residential(garages, man caves, barndominiums, etc). Post frame buildings do not require interior walls for support, this allows for an open floor plan layout and design(one of the most popular contemporary designs for residential applications and the most practical for many commercial applications). Post frame buildings also allow for a wide range of exterior options besides steel, including block, wood, brick, and vinyl so that one is able to achieve whatever aesthetic value they are trying to establish.
  4. Enhanced Strength: Post frame buildings are significantly more powerful than other forms of construction. Columns go all the way into the ground, this makes the building more stable and reduces any shear point above grade. The horizontal girts create a strong diaphragm system that works to provide an engineered system to exceed both wind and snow load requirements. Post frame involves the direct attachment of trusses to the post column frame making an exceptionally powerful system overall.
  5. Improved Energy Efficiency: Post frame buildings have larger wall cavities which allow greater insulation installation. Post frame buildings also utilize metal roofing which have greater resilience to heat resulting in less output from AC during the summer. Lastly they use wood framing which is a natural resource as opposed to other materials like vinyl that release noxious gas.