Metal Roofing Tips and Tricks

There are so many tips and tricks to metal roofing. The key here is to steal your info. There are too many old souls in this industry who have forgotten more than us newbies will ever know. So in saying this just pay attention a minute.

  1. Don’t cut corners. Enhance your knowledge and differentiate yourself from the rest of the contractors in your area by being the most expensive and the best craftsman in metal roofing. The guy who has to consult and refer people in your area will only refer the best. His Rear is on the line with the referral. Hence that is my stance…. There are too many roofers who don’t follow SOP’s for roofing. Hold yourself to a high standard of excellence in this business and you will kill it……
  2. When a salesperson tells you that you need both a lower gambrel transition flashing and an outside closure just pay the extra and listen the first time. If there is one error that we fix more than anything on reroofs it is this one condition. Also add some length to the bottom leg of the transition on slopes less than 3-4-12.
  3. Yes the industry average screw recommendation is 60-70 per square. Why? So that in high winds you decrease your panels wind uplift. Also remember those rake and corners as well as eave trims have been designed on purpose.
  4. Don’t lathe your roof for Metal Roofing, The condensation created in the airspace as well as the airspace itself creates an environment in which screws will be more susceptible to pulling out and the wind uplift will put a greater strain on the screw itself.